Lets Talk

Charis partner with OVO Energy, So Energy and Utilita to support households who may be struggling, through the Charis Let’s Talk Energy Fund. The fund may be able to help people in England, Scotland, or Wales with freestanding appliances.
Applications from the below customers will be considered first:

  • OVO Energy group (including OVO Energy, SSE, Spark and Boost) customers living in England, Wales and Scotland
  • So Energy customers living in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Utilita customers in England and Wales

We can look to help others, but it depends on funding availability and household location. 

You’ll be asked questions about your household circumstances. It's important you answer all the questions honestly and provide as much information as you can. This will help us to review and reach a decision on your application as quickly as possible. If you supply incorrect information, it's likely your application will be declined.

We reserve the right to withdraw your application at any point during the process. The decision on your application is final and there’s no appeals process.

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Are you eligible?